Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

LIAISON Co.Ltd., (hereinafter “LIAISON”) promises to safely manage and use the personal information of our customers under the following guidelines.

* Personal information is defined as information that can be used to identify an individual, whether directly and indirectly (including name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address). This also includes information that can be easily collated with other information to identify an individual.

1. Purposes for collecting and using personal information

In collecting your personal information, we will, in principle, specify the purposes for its use. In the event that personal information is collected without specification of the purposes for use, we will notify customers as soon as possible of the purposes for use, or make such purposes public.

2. Management and supervision of personal information

We will strictly control access to the databases related to personal information in order to restrict unauthorized usage both inside and outside our company. LIAISON also may entrust the creation and operation of this website to an outside company that we have carefully considered and selected in order to provide better service to our customers. In such a case, we will thoroughly conduct the necessary control of the entrusted parties and related companies in such contracted duties (hereinafter “Entrusted Parties”) in handling of personal information to prevent leakage or other misuse of our customer's personal information.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

LIAISON will not provide our customer's personal information to a third party without receiving consent of the customer in advance. However, we may disclose our customer's personal information in the following cases:

  1. When we have acquired the consent of the customer
  2. When we are entitled to provide information to a third party under the Personal Information Protection Law
  3. When we have been asked by a court or public body to do so based on laws or ordinances
  4. For statistical data or other cases in which information can be disclosed in a manner that does not identify the customer

4. Publication and disclosure of personal information

LIAISON will, in compliance with laws regarding personal information, respond to requests to notify or disclose the purposes for use of a customer's personal information when so requested by the customer.

5. Amendments, deletion and cease of use of personal information

LIAISON will, in compliance with laws regarding personal information, respond rationally and within the necessary scope as soon as possible if a customer expresses the desire to amend, delete, or cease the use of his or her personal information.